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The song “Winds of the Storm” from Frostburn is featured on this FREE compilation:


January 1, 2015

For immediate release / posting on music news websites:

ONLINE METAL PROMO and METALHEAD webzine (Italy) are proud to jointly release “Roman Empire Armageddon Vol. 1”, a free music compilation download featuring a mix of 34 current, advanced and unreleased original songs from established and up and coming bands from the United States, Australia and Italy.

OMP / MH free music compilation download link

Bands featured on the compilation include:

1. Alsatia (USA)
2. Automaton (USA)
3. Chris Violence (USA)
4. Corners of Sanctuary (USA)
5. Crimson Reign (USA)
6. Death Dealer (USA)
7. Diamond Lane (USA)
8. Dire Peril (USA)
9. Electric Swan (ITA)
10. Empires of Eden (AUS)
11. Heaven Comes Down (AUS)
12. Heimdall (ITA)
13. Highway Dream (ITA)
14. King’s Band (ITA)
15. Lords of the Trident (USA)
16. Maxxxwell Carlisle (USA)
17. Noisekraft (ITA)
18. Ravensthorn (USA)
19. Ron Keel (USA)
20. Secret Rule (ITA)
21. Seventh Veil (ITA)
22. Seventrain (USA)
23. Skinner (USA)
24. Stealth (ITA)
25. Stu “The Hammer” Marshall (AUS)
26. SuperHorrorFuck (ITA)
27. Susy Likes Nutella (ITA)
28. Vanlade (USA)
29. Vicolo Inferno (ITA)
30. WarstorM (ITA)
31. Whisperz (ITA)
32. Witchcross (USA)
33. X-Ray Life (ITA)
34. Zephaniah (USA)

Download the free songs, compilation artwork and track listing at the following location:

Metalhead webzine Facebook page

Online Metal Promo

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