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Welcome, minions, to our (hopefully) monthly column called Worthy Bands. A Worthy Band is a band that has shared the stage with your LORDS, and did not instantly cower behind their amps, disintegrate, or simultaneously die of heart attacks. Showing this bravery gains them favor in the eyes of their LORDS, and we think you should know more about them! So, without further ado, let us introduce this month’s Worthy Band:

10405254_831620980232090_7095643646425348872_nI Am Dragon (Madison, WI)

What’s this!? A NON-METAL BAND for the first installment of Worthy Bands? That should tell you something about the worthiness of this band. I Am Dragon, from Madison, creates a fantastic wall of sound with their keys-infused rock.


The first time I saw I Am Dragon was at The Frequency in Madison. The band had created some DIY stage blinders that pulsed behind them as they played. The back-lit shillouteete he fog in the air, and their stage presence was captivating. And the music was good! Almost every band with keyboards that I’ve seen either had too much or too little (or the wrong patch for the song). I Am Dragon seemed to find the perfect blend, like the coffee created from the poop of the bean-eating, tree-dwelling Indonesian palm civet. Captivating, and just a little bit dirty.

At their merch booth, my eyes were drawn to their stickers that featured the Dragon from Sega’s Altered Beast. As Leo would say, “Gentlemen, You had my curiosity…but now you have my attention.

a4062301294_2I Am Dragon just recently released their second album, Triumphs, Doubt, and Everything Between. Although all the tracks from the album are not yet present on BandCamp, I’d recommend listening to “Spell it Out”.

If you’re looking for a good, catchy song off of the album that initially grabbed my attention, you can do no better than “Major Bros” off of I Am Dragon’s debut album The Lucky Ones.

If you’re into keys-infused rock with just the right amount of grit, do yourself a favor and start your day off with a nice, warm cup of I Am Dragon.

I Am Dragon’s Facebook Page Here

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