FROSTBURN in 3 Days! RESPONSE to Eddie Ate Dynamite accusations!

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This Friday is the unveiling of the most METAL album ever to be willed into existence – FROSTBURN! We hope all worthy warriors will join us on Friday for the CD Release Party in Madison at The Annex at the Red Zone. Not only will you see sights and sounds indescribable, but the first 140 people through the door will get custom LORDS Valentine’s Day Cards! INSTANT ROMANCE GUARANTEED!

Now, you may have recently seen headlines floating around the local media such as “Eddie and the gang outclass local metal thugs” and “Eddie ate Dynamite has skillfully usurped Lords of the Trident as the headliners of their own album release show!” Obviously, this could not be further from the truth. This is simply the knee-jerk response of a band terrified of sharing the stage with their LORDS.

They are rightfully terrified.

They are rightfully terrified.

Class? Please. Just look at the photo on file (above) that we found for Eddie Ate Dynamite’s drummer! Oh, and we should mention that your girlfriend, Elizabeth, called. She’s ours now. She told us all sort of things about you. Private things. And we giggled.

We tried to do the classy thing and reach out to Eddie Ate Dynamite for an apology. Unfortunately, we found them huddled together under a rug in their basement, shaking with fear. But never say that your LORDS are not fair. Let us give them a chance to play their catchy, 30 second punk songs at the CD Release Party. And, when we take the stage, if they do not run away, lose any limbs, or implode within the first 15 seconds, then PERHAPS we can forgive them for their transgression.

Oh, but we’re keeping Elizabeth.

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