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Welcome, minions, to our (hopefully) monthly column called Worthy Bands. A Worthy Band is a band that has shared the stage with your LORDS, and did not instantly cower behind their amps, disintegrate, or simultaneously die of heart attacks. Showing this bravery gains them favor in the eyes of their LORDS, and we think you should know more about them! So, without further ado, let us introduce this month’s Worthy Band:


Automaton is a fairly new steampunk-themed power metal band from the Cincinnati area. What they lack in road-worn experience, they make up with bravado and stage presence – my kind of band! The first time we played with Automaton was in 2013, when they were a 4-piece. They had heard tales of the LORDS, and although we were stuck on a Wednesday night with a bunch of core bands in the middle of some suburb of Cincinnati, Automaton jumped at the chance to play the bill. This made the show 100% more bearable to sit through, as during their set (and ours), the kids had very few breakdowns to hardcore dance (or “flail around wildly”) to.

Much to Asian Metal's dismay, no cats were present

Much to Asian Metal’s dismay, no cats were present

The addition of Markus Wolverhampton on guitar added a much needed ‘umph’ to their sound, and I was amazed at the transformation they had undergone when we played with them in early 2015 at the Cincinnati Powerfest. Automaton and a crew of 5 other Cincinnati bands packed the house at the Madison Theater in Kentucky that night, and I believe it was one of our top ten shows we’ve ever played. Our hats (and monocles) go off to them! We’ve got some footage of the fest (and Automaton) below (starting at 1:41):

AutomatonAutomaton recently released their new album, A Bold New Horizon, and we’d recommend you pick it up! We would recommend you listen to the first single off of the album entitled “Hot Off the Press”.

Automaton, your LORDS deem you worthy! Minions – check them out!

Visit Automaton’s Facebook here

Buy their music on bandcamp here!


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