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ONLINE METAL PROMO and BREATH FRESHER webzine (Japan) have partnered to offer “Hello Tokyo…OMP…Re-Armed And Ready…Volume II”, a free digital download music compilation featuring a mix of 30 current, unreleased and demo original songs from established and up and coming bands from the United States, Belgium, Canada, Germany and Singapore.

Bands featured on the compilation include:

1. The Rods
2. Broken Teeth
3. Ostrogoth
4. Canedy
5. Maxxxwell Carlisle
6. Corners of Sanctuary
7. Zephaniah
8. Vanlade
9. Diamond Lane
10. Gundriver
11. Kara and the Dam Band
12. Lords of the Trident
13. Witchcross
14. DH Project
15. Ravensthorn
16. Azraels Bane
17. Immortal Guardian
18. Chamber Sixx
19. Blood of VanGogh
20. Salem’s Lott
21. Swirl
22. Desecrate
23. Strangelet
24. Decypher
25. Delta Rose
26. Hasta La Muerte
27. Hessler
28. Sorizon
29. Omnislash
30. The Black Monolith

Download the free songs, compilation artwork and track listing at the following location:

OMP / Breath Fresher free promotional compilation download link

Breath Fresher webzine (Japan) official website

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