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Welcome, minions, to our (hopefully) monthly column called Worthy Bands. A Worthy Band is a band that has shared the stage with your LORDS, and did not instantly cower behind their amps, disintegrate, or simultaneously die of heart attacks. Showing this bravery gains them favor in the eyes of their LORDS, and we think you should know more about them! So, without further ado, let us introduce this month’s Worthy Band:


Inner Siege is a Power Metal band from Peoria, IL, and one of the first bands we played with on TRIDENTour 2014! Unfortunately, we only got to see one and a half of their songs, because the alternator on the TRIDENTMobile died right before we were set to leave for their hometown. Luckily, we made it in time, just to see everyone’s face melting clean off.

One of the members of the band was running sound that night, and as we were setting up, he started blasting Dream Evil. It was then that I knew we’d be fast friends! Your LORDS owe Inner Siege a debt of gratitude, as they forewent payment for playing and sound in order to give us some cash to make up for gas and the alternator. I’d recommend all of our minions pick up their album, Kingdom of Shadows, right here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/innersiege1


Inner Siege compares their sound to Dream Evil and Fire Wind, and they’re not wrong! If you like Dream Evil (and who doesn’t!?), you should really give these guys a listen. Some of our favorite tracks are below for you to check out:

Their guitarist, JL “Lightning” Prater, even has a series of videos to show you how to melt faces and impress the ladies:

Inner Siege’s Website Here

Inner Siege’s Facebook Here

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