New EP – METAL Kidz Bop!

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Hails minions!

We’ve been keeping this under wraps for a while now, but we’re ready to announce a new EP from your LORDS! While we were recording our last covers EP, re:Quests, we decided to re-record some of our older hits in a new format. You see, we’ve pretty much conquered the METAL market for digital downloads (thanks to your loyal support), but our aspirations are higher. We want to conquer the ENTIRE music market. And to do that, we had to re-imagine some of our songs in a more family-friendly format. And so, today, I’d like to unveil:


That’s right! No longer will you feel shackled by the family mini-van, unable to blast Slayer as you’re taking your children to school! Now, finally, your favorite Lords of the Trident hits are available in family-friendly kids-singalong format! Featuring songs like:

  • Playforce (Skyforce)
  • Brains on Fire (homework-encouraging version of “Chains on Fire”)
  • Rapture: You’re gonna be saved (a religious reinterpretation of “Rapeshore”)
  • Knights of Sandbox Deep

And more! The EP is available NOW from our BandCamp page:

Click Here to Listen!

We hope you (and your kids) enjoy this new direction from your LORDS!



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