Happy Holidays 2017!

Fang VonWrathensteinHoliday

Hails Minions!

Just wanted to extend our warm, fiery greetings during this holiday season – from our metal family, to yours.

Thanks to your generous contributions on Patreon this year, we were able to:

  • Pay off a significant portion of the new TRIDENTMobile, as well as upkeep and (GASP!) pre-breakdown inspections and repairs!
  • Create our new Merchbox 5000!
  • Create new shirts, and purchase a flash dryer for higher quality, longer-lasting shirt prints!
  • Create custom Lords mead horns!
  • Start our yearly power-metal-and-arcade-gaming fest, MAD WITH POWER! 
  • Film another year of TRIDENTCasts!
  • Start work on our monthly acoustic recordings!
  • Travel further, and play more shows!

…and most importantly – RECORD THE NEW ALBUM!

From the bottom of our cold, blackened hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support. We literally couldn’t do it without you! <3 \m/

Here’s to a fantastic year, and a GREAT 2018 – with a new album!!


PS: Don’t forget that we’re playing the Bos Meadery MEAD AND METAL FESTIVAL in Madison on Saturday, January 6th. We take the stage at 4:30pm, so get out there EARLY!

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