Tickets on Sale for MAD WITH POWER 2018!

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Get ready to go MAD WITH POWER! Join us for the second year of this Heavy Metal & Gaming fest with our most battle-ready lineup yet:

subatomic – Groove-heavy stoner metal from Madison, WI
Zephaniah – Shreddy progressive power metal from Fort Wayne, IN. Basically Dragonforce!
Mega Colossus – Power & Adventure metal from Raleign, NC
Green Death – Thrash Masters from Des Moines, IA
Scythia – Canadian power metal veterans from Vancouver, BC CANADA!
A Sound of Thunder – Female-fronted power metal from Washington, DC
Lords of the Trident – 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW and fest organizers, from Madison, WI

Tickets are on sale NOW at
No “Ticketing fees”, “Convenience fees”, or other BS – what you see is what you pay!

Grab your ticket before 7/25 and get $2 off!

* Bang your head and test your skills in our FREE PLAY ARCADE!
* Interactive displays from Guys Games and Beer!
* Mad With Power Mead from Bos Meadery ON TAP!

For more info, point your most METAL browser at our website,

We’ll see you on the battlefield!!

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