NEW ALBUM KICKSTARTER (and release date)!

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I hope you’re sitting down.

I hope you’re not wearing pants. If you are, they’re about to be BLOWN OFF.

The three-year wait for a new LORDS album is ALMOST OVER! 
Today marks the kickoff of our 30-day kickstarter campaign for our new album, which is entitled:


The kickstarter campaign is live right now, so please go check out the video and peruse the various prize levels! We’ve got all sorts of amazing things in store for backers, including:

▪        Kickstarter-exclusive shirts!

▪        Fang’s Metal Beer Club Coasters and “Membership Cards”

▪        Custom Picks

▪        Metal Sea Flags!


▪        …and much, much more!

We’ve got a lofty goal to hit: $6,000 in 30 days! That’s why we’re calling on all of you to help us spread the word! Please share this campaign with the worthy and unworthy alike, and encourage all your friends to pledge their fealty to their LORDS!

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We can also now officially announce: the CD release party for our new album will be at this year’s MAD WITH POWER FEST on August 25th!

We’re going to be playing the new CD in it’s entirety, along with our Japan-only bonus tracks! This might be the only time this happens, so you do NOT want to miss this fest!

We’ve been informed that, due to fire codes (haha lol wut? have they SEEN this band?) we have to limit the fest to 300 tickets. That means that we expect this fest to SELL OUT, so if you haven’t yet bought your ticket, PLEASE BUY ONE NOW!!

We are super, SUPER EXCITED to see your reaction to the new album. We’re certain this is the best album we’ve ever created, and with your help we can reach our kickstarter goal! Even if you can’t pledge right now (or you’re already pledging via Patreon), please help us spread the word by telling your friends, posting on social media, and on sites like Reddit.

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(Case sensitive – use capital “L” and “K”)

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