Death Dealer Music Video Out Now!

Fang VonWrathenstein Videos

NEW MUSIC VIDEO! Our official video for “Death Dealer” is out now, thanks to our friends at Legacy – The Voice From The Dark Side. This video was shot by our multi-talented roadie-psychologist Michelle Delorey during our 2018 March TRIDENTour. Featuring stops at Mag BarLocal 506The Milestone Club, and Urban Artifact with our friends Mega ColossusAUTOMATONDemon EyeStitchforkDeapscufaOzaiAxattackKnightmare, and Nithing! Featuring the cats of StephenTony, and Kenneth – ESPECIALLY America’s most FAMOUS Power Metal Cat, ALBUS DUMBLEPURR. We were pretty starstruck when we met him, I’ll be 100% honest.


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