“Los Angeles” Cover Video Released!

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Outside of metal, one of our favorite bands is The Midnight. Driving home from gigs in the early morning hours, streetlights pulsing on the deserted freeway while the lights of the city flicker behind us…something about their music just sets the mood perfectly.

Asian Metal and I were lucky enough to see the band in Chicago in 2018 – their third show ever! It was an incredible experience, and that sewed the seeds of this metal cover of one of our favorite songs: “Los Angeles” from their first album, Days of Thunder. Everything was recorded, mixed, mastered, filmed, and edited 100% by us. We’d like to dedicate this cover to Tyler Lyle and Tim McEwan in thanks for crafting the soundscape of our nighttime drives. In addition, this version is also dedicated to all the metalheads wearing battle jackets we saw at the Chicago show (as well as the ones representing at the FM-84 show a few months later)!

As with most of our videos, this was funded 100% from the amazing support of our backers on Patreon. If you enjoyed this video, please share it with your friends, and consider joining our metal army!

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