New Music Video – “The Touch”!

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On May 2nd, 2020, patreon backer John Hoban from Duluth, MN pledged $99.99 for Fang to sing Stan Bush‘s “The Touch” during a charity “Drunken Karaoke Livestream” for COVID-19 relief.

The original asking donation was $10.

Overwhelmed by the support from not only John, but from everyone who donated during the stream, we decided to make something special to surprise everyone (especially John)!

The original intent was just to record some mixed vocals over the karaoke track. However, as I was opening ProTools and importing the track, I was scrolling through Facebook and noticed that Jason Ashcraft – guitarist and songwriter for Helion PrimeDire Peril, and Planeswalker: Sozos Michael & Jason Ashcraft – had just posted a link to the original Stan Bush video on his wall. I asked him if he’d want to help me re-create the track, and he said yes!

A few weeks later, this was the result. Big thanks to Jason Ashcraft for providing rhythm guitars for this track! Additional thanks to Michael Goodrich of Hypnotic Audio for drum programing and mixing, Ted Whitten Mastering for the master, and Nate Bjork for letting me borrow his dual-keyboard stand!

The single is available on our bandcamp:

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