FROSTBURN in 3 Days! RESPONSE to Eddie Ate Dynamite accusations!

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This Friday is the unveiling of the most METAL album ever to be willed into existence – FROSTBURN! We hope all worthy warriors will join us on Friday for the CD Release Party in Madison at The Annex at the Red Zone. Not only will you see sights and sounds indescribable, but the first 140 people through the door will …

Worthy Bands – I Am Dragon

Fang VonWrathensteinWorthy Bands

Welcome, minions, to our (hopefully) monthly column called Worthy Bands. A Worthy Band is a band that has shared the stage with your LORDS, and did not instantly cower behind their amps, disintegrate, or simultaneously die of heart attacks. Showing this bravery gains them favor in the eyes of their LORDS, and we think you should know more about them! …

Soap and Scratch & Dent Shirts!

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Aw snap, things are about to get SUDSY! We’ve just released our METAL SOAPS on our merch store: LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE! Click for soap: Bet you didn’t think a metal band could peddle soap!? Well, we didn’t either, until an Ohio soap company offered to make us soaps with our guitar pics embedded in them! Each of these soaps …


Fang VonWrathensteinShow Announcements

Take your entire CD collection outside and burn it in a pit, because Lords of the Trident will be releasing the BEST ALBUM YOU WILL EVER HEAR EVER – FROSTBURN! This will be the biggest, most action-packed CD release party you will EVER see! A HUGE light show, special guests, fire, explosions, decapitations, swords, armor, AND YOUR LORDS! Opening the …

NEW Music Video for “Winds of the Storm”

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New music video for “Winds of the Storm” from our upcoming album Frostburn is out now! Frostburn will be released on 2/13/15! Come to the CD release party in Madison, WI! (Facebook event with more details here)

Free compilation with NEW Lords Song!

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The song “Winds of the Storm” from Frostburn is featured on this FREE compilation: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ January 1, 2015 For immediate release / posting on music news websites: ONLINE METAL PROMO and METALHEAD webzine (Italy) are proud to jointly release “Roman Empire Armageddon Vol. 1”, a free music compilation download featuring a mix of 34 current, advanced and unreleased original songs …

New Armor Shirt Pre-Order

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Ever have that AWKWARD moment when you leave the house without your armor? We’ve all been there. Well, your LORDS have once again solved all of your problems with our brand new ARMOR SHIRT! Pre-order your shirt today:

FREE compilation download!

Fang VonWrathensteinMusic/Compliations

ONLINE METAL PROMO and THE HEAVY METAL MAYHEM RADIO SHOW (USA) are proud to jointly release “From The Underground to Above Ground Vol. 1”, a free download compilation featuring a mix of 52 current, advanced and unreleased original songs from established and up and coming bands from the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil and France. Bands featured on the …