Words of Fang – Fang’s Mailbag!

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In this month’s Words of Fang, we clean out the ol’ mailbox with a bunch of reader’s questions! Check it out here: http://www.welovemetal.com/newsite/wordpress/2014/11/26/words-of-fang-fangs-mailbag/

Killius to leave Aug. 2015 – SEEKING NEW GUITARIST!

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View our facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/300430940166156/ Our guitarist Killius Maximus will be leaving us for 6 months to study yoga and meditation at an ashram in India at the beginning of August 2015. …no, really, I’m serious. We are seeking a new guitarist to join our ranks. As Killius is planning on attending medical school sometime in the near future, …

NEW! Bulk shipping options for merch!

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Good news for you minions, especially those living overseas. Now that’s we’ve implemented a new shopping cart system for our merch, we’re able to offer BULK SHIPPING discounts for those of you who order more than one item at a time. In the past, our old system charged $5 shipping per item, no matter how many items you had in …

New site is live!

Fang VonWrathensteinUpdates

We’ve put blood, sweat, and barbarian tears into a complete overhaul of our site! There’s a bunch of new features, so check it out. If you find anything broken, please email us at LordsOfTheTrident@gmail.com, and we’ll get our demon IT team to fix it right away. SYTEFREEK BABY