New EP – re:Quests out now!

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In the Kickstarter campaign for our last album, Frostburn, we had a pledge level – “Make Lords of the Trident play any song you want”. Four loyal minions pledged this level, and the EP re:Quests is the result! [bandcamp width=450 height=700 album=3130187529 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=true] Big thanks to our Kickstarter backers for the interesting song suggestions. If you’d like …


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Sealed in an ancient tomb was a lost manuscript…a forgotten and forbidden style of fighting to the death using only sonic mastery. Luckily, your LORDS have recovered said manuscript, and did what any METAL band would do… …made it into a kick-ass shirt! Shirts are 100% pre-shrunk ringspun cotton, 4.5oz. Nice and light, and VERY soft! Lords shield logo on …

Soap and Scratch & Dent Shirts!

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Aw snap, things are about to get SUDSY! We’ve just released our METAL SOAPS on our merch store: LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE! Click for soap: Bet you didn’t think a metal band could peddle soap!? Well, we didn’t either, until an Ohio soap company offered to make us soaps with our guitar pics embedded in them! Each of these soaps …

New Armor Shirt Pre-Order

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Ever have that AWKWARD moment when you leave the house without your armor? We’ve all been there. Well, your LORDS have once again solved all of your problems with our brand new ARMOR SHIRT! Pre-order your shirt today:

NEW! Bulk shipping options for merch!

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Good news for you minions, especially those living overseas. Now that’s we’ve implemented a new shopping cart system for our merch, we’re able to offer BULK SHIPPING discounts for those of you who order more than one item at a time. In the past, our old system charged $5 shipping per item, no matter how many items you had in …