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Lords of the Trident is a US Heavy Metal/Power Metal band (Sounds like: Dio, Dream Evil, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Unleash the Archers) out of Madison, WI. Performing all over the world since 2008, Lords of the Trident brings a bombastic live show full of armor, swords, pyro, and mind-boggling guitar acrobatics!

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Since the band’s formation in late 2008, Lords of the Trident has played 300+ shows has toured throughout the US, Japan, and Europe. Lords has opened for major bands including heavy metal giants HELLOWEEN, STEEL PANTHER, BATTLE BEAST, UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, SKELETONWITCH, STRYPER, CRIMSON SHADOWS, PSYCHOSTICK, THEOCRACY, CAGE, SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUMPUDDLE OF MUDD, MUSHROOMHEAD, SALIVA, FUEL, and OF MONTREAL.

The Lords have played (and headlined) numerous festivals including Summerfest, Hyperspace Festival, Warriors of Metal Festival, Powerfest Festival, Midwest Metal Anthem Festival, Mead and Metal Festival, and the Ragnarokkr Festival. In 2017 the Lords started their own festival, Mad With Power Fest, which became the largest power metal fest in North America in 2023!

To see a Lords of the Trident concert is to experience a true “show” – medieval costumes, pyrotechnics, confetti cannons, guitars set ablaze, and of course, excellent technical musicianship.

The Lords have released seven full albums, four EPs, and two live DVDs, along with numerous compilation singles. The latest album - The Offering - was produced by power metal master Jacob Hansen (engineer for Avantasia, Unleash the Archers, Volbeat, Epica, Delain, etc.).

We have photos, video, etc. under the “media” section above. A full biography of the band is also available under the “about” section.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can contact me directly at, or 608-616-5197.

Additional data points:

  • Lords is the #1 most-supported independent power metal band on Patreon
  • 14,000 YouTube subscribers with over 2 million views on our channel - all organic, no bots
  • We have a rabid livestreaming audience with 1,900 followers on Twitch, and started the NWONMB (New Wave of Nice Metal Buds) streaming community with Unleash the Archers.
  • 14,000 followers on Facebook, 3,700 on Instagram  - all organic, no bots