Scratch & Dent Shirts!


THIS is what happens when you screen print while drunk!

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Ok, so maybe we like to have a few ales while we screen print. And sometimes we have a few too many ales, and mess up a few shirts. Or 30. You know how it goes!

Some of these shirts have very small imperfections that don’t make it past our anal-retentive quality control. Some of them are just plain messed up. But now, you can get your hands on a one of a kind random Lords of the Trident “Scratch & Dent” shirt for LESS THAN THE COST OF THE SHIRT ITSELF!

Need a metal shirt to do some house painting with? Or work out in the garage? Or maybe you’ll luck out and get a pretty-damn-close-to-normal shirt that you can wear in public? Either way, most of these shirts are 100% ringspun cotton, and are SUPER CHEAP. Help us clean out the dungeon and order one today!

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