SegaCD Game – Make My Video


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Since it’s trendy to release music on dead media (i.e. cassettes), Lords of the Trident had to out-do all the hipsters and release a music video EXCLUSIVELY on an even deader media – the SEGA CD VIDEO GAME SYSTEM.

Turns out Tom Zito, executive producer of such Sega CD hits as “Night Trap”, “Corpse Killer”, and “Make My Video: C+C Music Factory” is a big Lords of the Trident fan, and Fang is a big Sega CD collector. Tom pulled some favors, and the band and some of the previous employees of Digital Pictures worked in secret for over a year to produce the first NEW Sega CD game in the last 23 years!

Only five copies were made, and the ONLY way to watch the music video is to play the game!

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