The Madison Booking Bible is an attempt to create a centralized, filterable, searchable spreadsheet with ALL of Madison’s active bands available for shows. The spreadsheet is shared with all of the major venues and booking agencies in town, so it’s a good idea to be on it!

We’re providing this resource free of charge to all bands out there in order to make booking a show in Madison (or finding like-minded bands) easier for everyone. However, keeping all this data up-to-date and in an easy to read format is a lot of work! If you find this spreadsheet helpful, please consider donating to my band’s Patreon page. 

If you are in a Madison band that is NOT listed in the spreadsheet, or you would like to request a change/addition to your date, please email me at with the subject: “Madison Booking Bible”

Madison Booking Agents: If you’d like to help me curate the list, or receive a link to an editable list, email me.