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Regular Schedule (All Times Central US):
Mondays, 8:30pm - Fang's Weird SegaCD Game Collection
Second Wednesday of the Month, 8:30pm - Livestream Concerts
Last Wednesday of the Month, 9:00pm - TRIDENTCast
Last Sunday of the Month, 1:00pm - Baron's Solo Shred Sessions

"And the LORDS did take the axe; and made of it the sigil of my nation. And thus the men, and priest, and women, and children, and small dogs did make an offering at the pyre; let he who hath wisdom know that this is my way; the way of the LORDS."
-Encretonius the Blind, 4:82


Tithing unto the Lords:

"Verily I say to thee - let he who hath not spake in tongue nor seen through eyes of silver becometh towards me; I shall have thine retribution in the name of the LORDS; and evermost shall thy bindings be undone in their fiery mercy."
-Neuromancius, 34:321

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