Death Dealer Music Video Out Now!

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO! Our official video for “Death Dealer” is out now, thanks to our friends at Legacy – The Voice From The Dark Side. This video was shot by our multi-talented roadie-psychologist Michelle Delorey during our 2018 March TRIDENTour. Featuring stops at Mag Bar, Local 506, The Milestone Club, and Urban Artifact with our friends Mega Colossus, AUTOMATON, Demon Eye, Stitchfork, Deapscufa, Ozai, Axattack, Knightmare, and Nithing! Featuring the cats of Stephen, Tony, and Kenneth – ESPECIALLY America’s most FAMOUS …

MUSIC VIDEO – Reaper’s Hourglass!

Fang VonWrathenstein Videos

More NEW ALBUM goodness! We’ve released our full band playthrough of Reaper’s Hourglass – our 3rd single from the album. We took a page out of Unleash the Archer’s playbook after watching their playthrough video of “Awakening”, but since it’s a Lords video…well…we had to make things a little interesting. You’ll see! [youtube=]

Beyoncé Music Video Up!

Fang VonWrathenstein Videos

They said it couldn’t be done, but here it is, our (almost) shot-for-shot remake of Beyoncé’s Diva: Confused? It’s ok, we would be as well. Watch the original here to see what we changed!

Shine on Me Music Video!

Fang VonWrathenstein Videos

We’re releasing our new EP, re:Quests, a Kickstarter Covers EP, tomorrow on Christmas Day, so how ’bout a little Christmas Eve holiday magic? One of the songs we covered on our Kickstarter EP was the epic internet masterpiece by Chris Dane Owens, Shine on Me: We are big fans of the original video (posted above), so we decided to “cover” …

Patreon Launched!

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HAILS, MINIONS! We’ve had quite a week! After a successful battle opening for STEEL PANTHER in Madison, WI, we’re celebrating by launching our brand new Patreon campaign! What is Patreon? As many of you know, the music industry has changed drastically over the past 15 years. Gone are the days of gold-plated-shark-tank-bars and artists actually making a living after signing …

New Music Video – Knights of Dragon’s Deep!

Fang VonWrathenstein Videos

We’ve partnered with the Belgian metal news blog Metal To Infinity to bring you our brand new music video for Knights of Dragon’s Deep! Follow the link here to watch the video!

LORDS Attack Eddie!

Fang VonWrathenstein Videos

Thinking of voting for Eddie Ate Dynamite in the upcoming MAMAs elections? THINK AGAIN!

NEW Music Video for “Winds of the Storm”

Fang VonWrathenstein Videos

New music video for “Winds of the Storm” from our upcoming album Frostburn is out now! [youtube=] Frostburn will be released on 2/13/15! Come to the CD release party in Madison, WI! (Facebook event with more details here)