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Minions –

We’re still auditioning for a replacement for Killius Maximus! Facebook event here:

Our guitarist Killius Maximus will be leaving us to study yoga and meditation at an ashram in India at the beginning of March 2015, and then headed off to medical school immediately afterwards.

…no, really, I’m serious.

We are seeking a new guitarist to join our ranks! Can YOU step into Killius’ well-worn and strange-smelling sandals?? (Figuratively, of course)

WHO WE ARE: Lords of the Trident is an over-the-top 80s heavy metal band out of Madison, WI. We create a huge stage show with costumes, props, pyro, etc. while focusing on writing intricate, catchy, and awesome metal songs. Our style is a mix of classic metal (Maiden, Priest, Dio, Savatage, Dokken) with modern metal influences. We are signed in Europe by Killer Metal records, and have wide-scale European and US distribution. We have 5 albums under our belts at the moment, as well as a large repertoire of covers. On average, we play 1-4 times a month in various locations around the Midwest.

View our YouTube channel for more info:

We are looking for someone:

* Living in or near the Madison, WI area
* Ideally 21 – 35 years old
* Strong guitar skills needed – *tasteful soloing required*
* Loves classic & modern metal
* Has own gear, transportation, and phone
* Interested and available for touring, including very likely overseas (Europe and/or Japan) touring
* Available one night a week for practice
* In general, has weekend (Friday/Saturday) availability for shows (we will always give advanced notice)
* In general, Able to check email once a day
* Comfortable with wearing a costume on stage, playing in front of large crowds, and creating a persona
* Able to learn songs quickly
* Strong guitar theory background
* Able to take criticism and/or feedback
* Planning on staying in the Madison area
* Able to keep commitments and responsibilities

Other ideal characteristics (not necessary, but nice-to-have):

* Experience with guitar pro and creating parts for others to follow a plus
* Previous band experience a plus
* Comfortable with sizing down equipment setup for ease of travel (2×12 + head is our ideal travel size)
* Strong song writing skills a plus

If you are interested, please send an email to:

And give us some information about you (years played, any previous bands, why you’re interested, etc.).

NOTE: Killius leaving the band is 100% amicable. There is no bad blood between us and him – he is just pursuing a life goal that, time-wise and geographically, does not work well with his band duties. We wish Killius the best of luck in any and all future endeavors

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