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ONLINE METAL PROMO and the SILK AND STEEL POWER HOUR radio show (USA) are proud to offer a FREE online digital download music compilation featuring 34 songs from past and present roster artists which include some of the hottest established as well as up and coming hard rock / heavy metal bands in the United States heavy music scene.

1. The Rods
2. Death Dealer
3. Diamond Lane
4. Maxxxwell Carlisle
5. Azrael’s Bane
6. Corners of Sanctuary
7. Love N War
8. Lords of the Trident
9. Cage
10. Seventh Calling
11. Them
12. Angerhead
13. Flames of Fury
14. Vanlade
15. Mega Colossus
16. Malice
17. St. James
18. Hellevate
19. Spiritual Sickness
20. Shallow Ground
21. Crown of Earth
22. Zephaniah
23. Canedy
24. Eternal Voyager
25. Johnny Lokke
26. Gundriver
27. Blasted to Static
28. Ignitor
29. Skinner
30. Sorizon
31. United
32. Empires of Eden
33. Alsatia
34. Chris Violence

Download the free songs, compilation artwork and track listing at the following location:

OMP / SILK AND STEEL POWER HOUR radio show (USA) free promotional compilation download link

Silk and Steel Power Hour radio show Facebook page

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