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Welcome, minions, to our (hopefully) monthly column called Worthy Bands. A Worthy Band is a band that has shared the stage with your LORDS, and did not instantly cower behind their amps, disintegrate, or simultaneously die of heart attacks. Showing this bravery gains them favor in the eyes of their LORDS, and we think you should know more about them! So, without further ado, let us introduce this month’s Worthy Band:


Government Zero is a punk band from Madison, WI, and is likely the band we’ve played with the most over our many years. They’ve been around for years and years, and in a very punk fashion, only have one album, Underdog. Heck, they’re so punk, they don’t really even have any band photos to speak of. I had to scour the internet for a picture of the band, and all I could find was a picture of their sunburned lead singer, Tim:


Government Zero is a Madison icon, and damn near everyone in the scene knows their songs. Heck, we love them so much we even covered one of their fan-favorite songs, Huey Lewis and the News!

Here’s our cover:

And the original, with video, courtesy of yours truly:

Also, true to punk form, their members play in nearly 40 other bands. Some notables include 4 Aspirin Morning, Dr. Noise, and Eddie Ate Dynamite. What’s their website? When and where are they playing? They’re so punk that NOBODY KNOWS! Just show up to enough Madison shows (or, go to Maybash) and you’re likely to run into Government Zero.


Check out 3 songs from their album, Underdog, here:

And their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Government-Zero/276674272053

Government Zero – YOU ARE WORTHY, but way to punk to care! 😛

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