SegaCD Game! Chasing Shadows 100% Playthrough

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[youtube=] Currently, it’s trendy for many indie and underground bands to release their music on dead media like cassettes, but Lords of The Trident has taken it one step further. Their latest video for the song “Chasing Shadows” off of their latest album “Shadows From The Past” is being released exclusively as a game that actually works on the SEGA CD console. The video game console, …

Death Dealer Music Video Out Now!

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO! Our official video for “Death Dealer” is out now, thanks to our friends at Legacy – The Voice From The Dark Side. This video was shot by our multi-talented roadie-psychologist Michelle Delorey during our 2018 March TRIDENTour. Featuring stops at Mag Bar, Local 506, The Milestone Club, and Urban Artifact with our friends Mega Colossus, AUTOMATON, Demon Eye, Stitchfork, Deapscufa, Ozai, Axattack, Knightmare, and Nithing! Featuring the cats of Stephen, Tony, and Kenneth – ESPECIALLY America’s most FAMOUS …

TORMENTOR Music Video Released!

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Our video for TORMENTOR, track #3 from Shadows from the Past, is out now! We wanted to get the best special effects team available for the video, so we called up our buddy George Lucas, but unfortunately he was busy with a Jar-Jar spin-off movie. Spielberg passed as well, as he was worried the video would be so epic, sales …

MUSIC VIDEO – Reaper’s Hourglass!

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More NEW ALBUM goodness! We’ve released our full band playthrough of Reaper’s Hourglass – our 3rd single from the album. We took a page out of Unleash the Archer’s playbook after watching their playthrough video of “Awakening”, but since it’s a Lords video…well…we had to make things a little interesting. You’ll see! [youtube=]

NEW ALBUM KICKSTARTER (and release date)!

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[youtube=] MINIONS! I hope you’re sitting down. I hope you’re not wearing pants. If you are, they’re about to be BLOWN OFF. The three-year wait for a new LORDS album is ALMOST OVER!  Today marks the kickoff of our 30-day kickstarter campaign for our new album, which is entitled: SHADOWS FROM THE PAST The kickstarter campaign is live right now, so please go check …