Soap and Scratch & Dent Shirts!

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Aw snap, things are about to get SUDSY! We’ve just released our METAL SOAPS on our merch store:



Bet you didn’t think a metal band could peddle soap!? Well, we didn’t either, until an Ohio soap company offered to make us soaps with our guitar pics embedded in them! Each of these soaps are hand-made from luxurious ingredients, and come with a 100% authentic Lords of the Trident guitar pick embedded inside!

Comes in 4 designs – Celtic Dragon, Gargoyle, Celtic Knot, and Metal Medallion
and 4 scents – Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, and METAL! (no, seriously, there’s a “metal” scent.)

We choose the design and scent for you based on a centuries-old divination technique.

Soapy Kickstarter backers – these are the same soaps you’ll be receiving in your prize, so no need to order another (unless you’re really dirty)!

Scratch & Dent Shirts!


As many of you minions know, your LORDS have their own sweatshop in the depths of our practice dungeon. And, well, sometimes we drink too many ales, and the shirts don’t come out quite right. It might be that we’ve ordered the wrong color, or that the design print doesn’t meet our anal-retentive quality standards. Or maybe we drank a lot, and the design is…well…way off. Either way, we’re now passing the drunken savings on to you!

You can purchase one of these random LORDS shirts cheaper than the cost of the blank shirt itself! Need a METAL shirt for lounging, working out, or working in the garage? Want something made of 100% super-soft ringspun cotton, but don’t want to pay out the nose for it? Want to help us clean out the dungeon? Here’s your chance!


Shirty Kickstarter Backers – A large number of these shirts are the limited kickstarter backer shirts in grey that…well…didn’t print quite right. We didn’t want to give you a crappy shirt. So unless you want two, you may want to hold off until you get your shirt!

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